Is that a photoshopped wolf in your lap, or are you just happy to see me?

The first in my long list of guys who I never responded back to is a special case. His profile is so long that it almost ate up all my storage. 

What are the odds this loon thinks he evented th Internet? And wtf is a Siberian Forest Cat? I googled. None of these say forest cat. He’s clearly trying to be fancy here.

His pictures were either from 1973, or were clearly photoshopped…

Sir, you are not at the Hoover Dam. You’re floating above the water, near the electrical lines. You need to take some photoshop classes. 

I can’t tell if this was photoshopped, or a poor wig choice. 

And finally, the pun of my title. This is clearly a wolf, photoshopped onto his lap. 


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