Name and Date of Birth?

There’s nothing like the feeling of getting a notification that you got a “like” from someone (for my friends who have never set thumb on a dating site, it’s basically like a “poke” on Facebook, but here they actually want to poke you) and knowing you’ve seen them before. You try to place it without looking at profiles, because let’s not get too weird about this. And then, it hits you. In this case, it was waiting in the drive thru to get my prescriptions, because that “like” came from the pharmacist at my CVS. 

To verify, I did creep on that profile, and sure enough, he states he’s a pharmacist. So, he’s MY pharmacist, and therefore knows far too much. As much as all my doctors put together. No thank you, sir, but good luck on your search for love. I suggest trying to find women not in the immediate vicinity of your place of employment. 


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