No wonder “no bary” is interested in you…

Even the most archaic phones have spell check these days. So how does one manage to rip apart the English language so badly, that even spell check is like, “Sorry dummy, you’re on your own?”

Who or what is a “bary?” And wtf is loking? See, right there I had to stop autocorrect from fixing that to “looking.” This guy is a hot mess, and may even be conducting the hot mess express. It’s like he went out of his way to misspell every word in that message. Beoutfle? Auto correct just wanted to make that “belittle” and  “gairl” into hairline. I think a monkey typed that out. Dreadful. 

Here’s what the message would be, including his tag line, with autocorrect.

“No Barry looking for me.

 You so sexy in belittle Irish gail. I hop that you have nice night.” 


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